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Photos of M.Martna and R.uxemburg foundation meeting in Narva 15.05.2004
Photos of Vasemmistoliito congress in Turku 21-23.05.2004
Photos of Founding congress of the European Left Party in Rome 8-9.05.2004
NELF XXV Nicosia 08.12.2003




Our party was founded on 28.11.1992 at the foundation congress of the Estonian Democratic Labour Party. In 1997 the party was renamed the Estonian Social Democratic Labour Party.

At 01.01.2003 the Estonian Republic had 19 political parties, seven of them were in the Parliament. ESDLP has one representative in the Parliament.

The Estonian Political Parties Act requires a party to have 1000 members to be registered. At 01.01.2003, ESDLP had 1250 members.

ESDLP is the only openly leftist political party in the Estonian Republic. Our political programme as reviewed in 1997 takes the NELF 1993 Declaration of Barcelona as its political frame document. The party considers itself a social democratic left-wing party.

Our party has regional organizations in all counties of the Estonian Republic.

At the local elections of 2002 the party lost its largest representation in Narva City Council, maintained its representation in Jõhvi City Council and Rõngu Rural Municipal Council and gained entrance into Vastseliina Rural Municipal Council.

According to the statutes of our party the party congress elects the Party Chairman and Central Management as well as nominates a consultative Central Council representing all regional organizations. The statutes stipulate the right of fractions. Local policies are developed by local organizations, while central bodies formulate national policies.

A green fraction is currently being formed, led by the chairman of our Tallinn organization, Heiki Sillari. Youth and women's organizations provided for in the statutes are inactive due to lack of funding.

The party has been chaired by

Vaino Väljas (1992-1995),

Hillar Eller (1995-1996) and

Tiit Toomsalu (1996-....)

ESDLP is a full member of NELF since 1995 and founding member of European Left Party since 09. May 2004






PS! If you can read Russian language, than we have more documents translated to Russian as in English


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